Donovan had surgery recently on his elbow. He had an FCP, but is healing well and is on CBD oil and doing wonderful on it. He loves his pets and will follow you around the house. Light walks for this boy. Looking for a senior home for him to spend the rest of his days and nights! 8 years old. Very grateful to all who donated for his surgery.

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  The status of Max as of Nov 5th was "Maxim is no longer available,  he is fear aggressive" and was not adoptable. Thanks to your donations we were able to send him to Run Your Pack for behavior rehab. Look at him now! Not much hope in the system for a dog like Max without the ability of going to a rescue and the rescue through your generous donations provide behavior training. You have made Max a success story, thanks to all who donated!

As of Feb 2019 Max has been adopted and is at his forever home!


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Doni, one of our special needs dogs. He suffered from hip issues and needed FHO. He was completly miserable with pain everyday. With our help and your kind donations a needed surgery has been provided for him so he may have a normal life.  He is now living at his forever home and is a happy, happy boy.

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